4 Great Freelance Sites to Find Freelance Jobs


The world has changed the way people used to work or get their jobs done. There is no need to hire a professional for your job (whatever work you want to be done remotely). Get your job done with a very small budget. Also, for freelancers, this is a great way to work from the comfort of your home and make money.


Yeah! I’m talking about freelance sites where clients posts their projects and freelancers complete the projects remotely.

You as a client can use freelance sites to get your job done, it can be anything that you want to do but have no experience or time so you hire a freelancer and get the job done! or to be a freelancer and make money with your computer skills. All work is done remotely and time-saving. Clients and companies around the world post their projects they need to complete and freelancers are willing to complete their projects.

A project can be from simple editing image to advance programming and building apps or whatever computer skill. Be a client and get your jobs done or be a freelancer and complete projects meeting your skills.

Freelance Sites and Freelancing

For clients, if you need any work to be done remotely for you with a very small budget, where hiring a professional is expensive then you have to use freelance sites. The benefits are it will not cost you a lot of money and your job will be done in hours.

For freelancers, if you are a freelancer having skills and looking to make money, you can bid on clients projects and if your proposal is accepted you complete the job and get the money. Simply working from the comfort of your home.

There are a lot of freelance sites but a few that are very popular and you can use them for both purposes to get a job done or find freelance work and make money!

4 Great Freelance Sites to Find Freelance Jobs


Freelancer is the world largest marketplace where clients meet the freelancers and a very popular freelance site today on the internet for remote working. Having millions of clients and freelancers has made this network at the top. Freelancer is a good freelancing website where clients can post their projects and within seconds, freelancers start bidding on their projects and get the job done.

Having millions of users, you will get your job done within hours after your project posting. Also, for freelancers looking to get their first projects, can get projects easily just bid on projects, send a nice proposal what you’re offering to the client. There is a limited amount of bids for new users to send proposals, each time you bid on a project, the number of total bids you have will decrease.

Bids are renewed each month but if you run out of bids you can purchase a membership allowing you to send more proposal and get the chances of getting hired.

For Freelancers:

Bids per month – 8 bids (free membership)
Minimum withdraw – $30
Payment methods – Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Wire, PayPal, and Skrill
Fee per project when you complete a project – $5 or 10%

Screenshots of Freelancer.com


Upwork is a great competitor of Freelancer and provides more bids for free members to send proposals to clients projects or bid unlike Freelancer will give you only 8 bids per month. Another great aspect of Upwork is the fee they charge on a project when you complete.

Upwork charges only 10% when you complete a project wherein Freelancer you are charged $5 fee even you complete a $10 small job if you were to complete this project on Upwork then it would charge you only $1 so Upwork is great when you complete small projects.

Also, Upwork gives 60 connects to bid on projects, each time you bid on a project 2 connects are deducted meaning you can bid max on 30 projects a month which is great comparing to Freelancer giving 8 bids per month for free membership members.

Bids per month – 60 Connects (2 connects are required to bid normally or more)
Minimum withdraw – $100
Payment methods – Payoneer, Direct Deposit/ACH, Skrill, and PayPal
Fee per project when you complete a project – 10%

For Freelancers:

Bids per month – 60 connects, required 2 connects to bid on one project. (free membership)


PPH is a unique freelance site where not only you can bid on projects but you can also sell your services listed on PPH called hourlies. PeoplePerHour is a marketplace of services that online sellers provide to the buyers. You list a service give it a title and description what you will provide to buyers so a buyer can purchase your hourlies through PPH just like eBay you make listings and buyers buy it when you make a sell complete the work and get paid.

Bids per month – 15 proposals. (free membership)
Payment methods – Payoneer and many other


Fiverr is a very popular marketplace where people do anything for $5 in what they are expert. Instead posting projects, freelancers create services called gigs in what they are best at and buyers buy it. You will find almost many gigs only for $5 dollars but you can also quote your gig price from $5 – $1000 if you are selling something really worth for this price. But it is a better idea to start with $5 gig price to make some sells.

For Freelancers:

Price per gig you sell or buy mostly – $5 ($5-$999)
Payment methods – Payoneer, PayPal, and Bank Transfer



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