5 Tips to Drive Traffic Using Pinterest


You may be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network for driving traffic, but Pinterest is still driving more traffic than all other social media networks. Having the idea of the right use of Pinterest you can drive and boost traffic to your blog.


Pinterest is a visual social media network where you can pin your posts just like photos with a little description at the bottom of it and add them to boards. You can create boards for pinning related contents to one board and create more boards for pinning another type of contents, so when users view your profile they can easily navigate to the content interested in. You may have used other social networks but using Pinterest you will understand how powerful it is to drive traffic.

5 Pinterest Tips to Help You Drive More Traffic

1. Pin different content to different boards in order for the user to find what they are interested in when they visit your profile. Having a single board and pinning a thousand pins in it while your content is different will make the user leave because it’s difficult to find what they are looking for. Make sure to create more than 10 boards and pin the content to the right board let’s say you have posts about SEO so having a board with the name SEO will make it easy for a visitor looking for SEO related contents to find from your pins.

pinterest boards

2. It’s always a good idea to get connected with other people, follow or like pins of other people when you do so it will show up in their activity feed in return the chances are that you will get a follow back. Have you ever got a follower? If you think when getting a twitter follower you get a notification that someone followed you in return you visit his/her profile and maybe you hit the follow button, the same thing happens with Pinterest get to know people and make connections so that you get followers and your pins will reach to more people.

follow pinterest

3. Create graphics having text to tell what your pin is all about. It’s a great way to grab visitor attention and get visitors to your links. The Pinterest display, your content links as photos so try to use photos containing text to let know what inside content is about.


4. For easy and quick pining use a Pinterest browser extension to pin quickly and easily. It will save your much time. Get Pin It button


5. Set your blog or brand name as your Pinterest username name. Provide a link to your blog with brief profile text, about your blog and who you are.




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