5 Types of Different Posts to Increase Followers on Social Media

increase followers

You have got a blog post but don’t know how to get this post out to reach to as many people as possible? Increase followers on Social Media and increase blog traffic to make it reach to more people. If you are one of from those bloggers who are trying to reach their blog posts to more people when they post then stop writing your next blog post and start building followers for your future posts to be read by more people. This is how your post will go viral and people will share it again on social media. We have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram to use and get our post out to more people, but this Is not only to create an account and start sharing but you need to have a high number of followers, followers related to your niche blog can help bring you more engagements.

increase followers

Here I’m going to talk about some effective ways to make people follow you and will also make mentions of you in their social media outlets. There should be a reason for people to follow you and the reason people will follow you is to get help from your posts that you share on social media outlets.

People that get more followers on social media are either helpful or entertainers and you can also be both of them. If you’re sitting in front of your computer and thinking what to post now then have a look to below 5 types of different posts that you can start posting and make HUGE amount of followers.

5 Types of Different Posts to Increase Followers on Social Media

1. Share a ResourceAnything that you think can be helpful for your followers share that. I’m seeing a lot of bloggers sharing to social media outlets only when they have a new post published. Look for anything and share, it can be a tool or anything that is helpful and problem-solving of your followers.

2. Reveal Something Personnel

Most people think that should I post my personal stuff on social media? We are all human beings and instead to look like only robots you can share your personal life moments together to your business social media accounts. In social media, people connect to real people if you do share your personal photos of your daily life people can know that you are a real person behind this blog. In human eyes, you will make more trust. It will be very interesting to share something personal and show your followers that you’re a real human behind your blog. It will make trust and followers can understand who you are that they are following. A good example can be to post a photo where you’re with your family or anything interesting moment of your life, just share it on your social outlets. It will also give people the idea how bloggers life is with blogging and this builds more interest for the followers to see more from you.

3. Make an Announcement

It will catch your followers eyes, it is a great thing to have some kind of announcement for your followers it can be anything like world top bloggers or when you announce a good news about in your blog, it can be a free ebook download news to get your followers engaged with your blog.

4. Repost Another’s Post

When you find something valuable reshare that on your social media outlets this can build trust when you reshare a post that is valuable enough for the followers to benefit from.

5. Answer Your Followers Questions

Social Media is all about conversation and you can’t ignore you followers questions. Try to answer your followers questions.



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