6 Effective Ways to Drive Huge Traffic


Nowadays every blogger is trying to find effective ways for getting huge traffic but do you know there are some simple effective ways to get huge traffic. To get the huge traffic, you need to get your blog ranked at the top in Google search but you can get huge traffic from social networks that most bloggers don’t have a perfect strategy plan on how to use social media to market their business. If you really want to get what you want then make sure it takes time before you get organic traffic from Google search. You should know why I need traffic for my blog and what to do with the traffic? And the answer is, not only you need traffic for sales but it will help your blog get ranked and let the people see it in Google search when they perform a search.


What It Takes?

Have a look to Pinch of Yum food blog traffic below, can you believe? They have incredibly huge traffic from social networks! Pinterest is always at the top.

pinchofyum They have a huge traffic from Pinterest, yeah that is an amazing amount of traffic mostly people stick to SEO, but they don’t know how social media is an effective source for getting huge traffic and it can bring you huge visitors. There is no magic or trick to get instance traffic and make sales without hard work, dedication, commitment, effort and regular posts to your blog. Don’t forget to post, successful bloggers post regularly. It’s not only to get traffic, but you also need to get the right traffic, understand your audience and help them. You should have a good theme and look professional. Traffic will only increase whenever your audience trusts you and benefit from your content so do your best and be from the active bloggers and answer all your audience questions and solve their problems this way you are building a relation with your audience and they will return back to your blog and also share your hard work with others.

6 Ways to Get HugeTraffic for Your Blog

1. YouTube

At least, you should have a youtube channel and make short videos about anything related to your blog and give a link to your blog so you will have traffic from YouTube this way. I know this is a little hard to build videos, but you should have a presence in YouTube to increase your social credibility.

2. Twitter

After publishing your post, now it is time to post it on social networks. Make sure you have social buttons installed on your blog so the users also can share your posts. You can post it to Twitter many times as you want. Make connections with other Twitter users and build good followers.

3. Facebook

Facebook is amazing, after publishing your post share it on Facebook groups and pages. Make sure to have an active Facebook page in order for the visitors to know that you’re serious about your business.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic so having all your posts on Pinterest will give you good traffic. It is a great way to drive traffic using Pinterest.

5. Linkedin

Using Linkedin is more professional, share your articles on Linkedin you would love to connect with other professionals and share your posts with them.

6. Google Plus

Google Plus is another great social media network to use. Share your articles on Communities, Page or using your Personnel profile. The good thing about Google Plus is that your posts will be searchable on Google search so you can get organic traffic.

Make sure you need to have professional looking social media outlets. Have best-looking profile photo and description on your all social media outlets.



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