and welcome! This is my blog and I am writing some stuff on this blog since 2015!

A bit about me: I’m Zeek aka (Zarif Khan), a 23-year-old still university student doing MD, living in Afghanistan. I always went back and forth about becoming a full-time blogger but not having enough time for blogging I only give it a few hours a week. Also, a bit of a geek and have been known to stay in a room for days at a time playing video games.

I love to help others who are new to blogging 🙂

Here I discuss the things like blogging, internet marketing, social media and making money online from the comfort of your home business. So if you are new to this “blogging” or “online internet business” thing just follow me and be an entrepreneur to make your dream comes true. I simplify technology here that you need to make an online business from anywhere. I hope to cover issues important to all of us.

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