Affiliate Marketers Can Start Using Pinterest Again


The good news as all may know Pinterest has announced recently that they now allow affiliate links once again and it was a breaking news for all bloggers and affiliate markers to start using Pinterest again who used once to make money from affiliate marketing. Pinterest banned all affiliate links back in February 2015 and now the reasons that they are allowing affiliate links again can be found in their blog post here Affiliate links are now allowed on Pinterest and this was really a great news for all affiliate marketers.


Importance of Pinterest in Affiliate Marketing

As Pinterest is the top referrer when it comes to traffic to your website so affiliate marketers can use this social media network as a free traffic source to their affiliate links and it costs nothing instead spending money on CPC campaigns and if Pinterest is used the right way you can still get more than what you expect from those paid traffic sources.

To give you an example a Pinterest user Joy Cho / Oh Joy! has over 12 M followers so pinning a single pin gets 12 M impressions!!! and wait… it’s 12 M, not K so you can understand what is the importance of Pinterest when driving traffic and totally free traffic.


For affiliate marketers, Pinterest became useless because they were not able to promote affiliate links anymore and their second choice was to use CPC for promoting affiliate links and it costs a lot of money to see results even sometimes you can’t recover your spent money you used for promoting your affiliate links.
Now that Pinterest is back so being an affiliate marketer you must start using Pinterest again. Trust me it takes long but you can get all those clicks for free if you can give time to Pinterest and get people to follow you, it can only take 15 minutes a day work and once you are followed by a large number of people you can easily promote your affiliate links to them and you can get free clicks and impressions.
So if you are an affiliate marketer or any business owner Pinterest can be a very good traffic source to make money and drive free traffic. Just start using Pinterest again and sign up an account and build engagement with other users and you will see the people follow you back. Pinterest can give free quality traffic as more than 80% users are from top target country the US.

How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Links

You can use your own strategy but according to what others have done with success, some tips are listed:

1.Create boards with your target keywords included in board names.
2. Repin relevant pins from others to your created boards.
3. As Pinterest is visual spend some time creating visual and eye-catching images to pin. You can do that using web-based graphic design programs like Canva. Or use more graphics tools.
4. Link back to your affiliate link or website the pins you just created while pinning.
5. Repin and follow other users to make them follow you back.

Doing above things can take 15 minutes each day and it’s worth to give this much time to Pinterest and you can build a strong Pinterest account and a great number of followers. Once you knew you have enough followers keep pinning your affiliate links and you will see conversions.

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