Affiliate Marketing vs Display Ads for Bloggers

affiliate marketing vs display ads

There are 3 ways that can earn money for every blogger from blogging. All professional bloggers had tried all of these methods and over time they have switched from one method to another.

affiliate marketing vs display ads

  1. Affiliate marketing: Promoting a product and getting a commission per sale.
  2. Display ads: Displaying banner ads from ad networks like AdSense.
  3. Own products: Products created by bloggers like ebooks, courses or any other service.

Which Method Is Best for Bloggers to Start?

It is quite difficult for bloggers to understand which method can make them more money when starting but today all successful bloggers are using affiliate marketing. There is more money in affiliate marketing than display ad networks.

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Affiliate Marketing really works for bloggers nowadays but it takes hard work and time to see the results. Almost all professional bloggers with high volume traffic websites have switched from running display ads to affiliate marketing because they make more money than from clicks they were getting on the display ads.

Affiliate Marketing vs Display Ads

Affiliate marketing pays more than any display ad network. Affiliate marketing converts well when you are promoting affiliate offers related to your niche. You can select any affiliate product you want to sell and get multiple commissions for promoting multiple products.

Displaying ads on your blog is the basic way of earning money when bloggers start with blogging even with low traffic their first step is to run some ads and see how it works. It takes less time to see some cents earned by your blog every day from clicks.

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Own Products

Selling own created products such as ebooks, courses or other services is also a good way for some bloggers to make passive money from blogging. It really takes much time and effort to create your own product and sell it on your blog.

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Which Method Can Make More Money for Bloggers?

According to some famous blogs income reports that are published monthly, it is proven that affiliate marketing makes more money for them than display ads. Affiliate marketing and display ads have their own cons and pros but affiliate marketing is truly making more money for bloggers.

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Zarif Khan is a digital marketer helping creatives, bloggers and small business owners on how to build a profitable business online.


  1. Very good post, but i would love to add that since since Display ads don’t conflict with Affiliate marketing or selling own products. i think its best to join the two and profit either ways. And also knowing good ad placements for this is an added advantage..I think a post on this would be great

    • Hi kazim kamsang, you are right! Any blogger would do that to test both affiliate marketing and ads for their blogs but after a while, I have seen bloggers stopped running ads.

  2. hey Zarif Khan
    Thanks for sharing this am greatful for it has helped me. i beign a young start up blogger was wondering which of the methods above i think now i know which works best
    thanks again


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