Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog


Starting a blog and then trying to monetize your blog is not that difficult as most bloggers think about. There are some best ways to monetize it and yeah! This is true that you need a lot of traffic for your blog to make some money. Most bloggers start monetizing their blogs after having huge traffic but it will be a very good experience for you to start monetization at the very beginning start of your blog. This way you will understand what works and what not. There are a lot of ways to start monetizing your blog but you have to try a few of them to get a better experience what works for you and we will discuss some great ways that you can use to monetize your blog with.


1. Ads

Putting ads on your blog are so easy you just sign up with an ad network and put the ad codes in your blog and when someone clicks on that ad you get paid. There are a lot of ad networks that you can join and start earning some money but using the right ones will be a good idea. Google AdSense is the king of all ad networks but as AdSense approval is quite difficult, you don’t need to worry you can still use some other great networks even if you are a starter blogger you can still work with them a few of them is mentioned below that you can work with.

You can sign up and there are no requirements to work with them. Join a few of them below:

Propeller Ads
Google AdSense
BlogHer Publishing Network

There are two types of Ads you get paid for, pay per click Google AdSense or pay per impression BlogHer Publishing NetworkPropeller Ads. Above I have mentioned both pay per click and pay per impression even some of them also pay per popup (PopAds).

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2. Affiliate Marketing

I can say that affiliate income is the best because you will not believe that having a perfect strategy can bring you massive profits you just promote other people products and the revenue is shared with you. There are some good affiliate programs that you can join below.

AdWork Media
CJ Affiliate by Conversant
Rakuten Linkshare
Amazon Associates

3. Selling Your Digital Products/Services

Most bloggers do make a lot of money selling their own products that can be an ebook or digital services for the people to purchase. This is the most successful way to make money online. Just like creating an ebook that is helpful and list it for a price to your visitors online.

Examples of services you can offer to your visitors can be:

  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Seminars
  • Food Recipe
  • Webinars

Examples of digital services can be:

  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Pre-Made Designs, Templates
  • Software
  • e-Courses

4. Sponsored posts

You can write sponsored posts for the other companies to get paid in return. you can set up your own prices that how much you will charge per sponsored post. You can find a lot of companies to work with them.

Examples of sponsored posts:

  • Endorsements for a Particular Brand
  • Reviews About a Company Products
  • Social Media Mentions

5. Selling Ad Space

If you have a good traffic, surely you can make an ad space and sell this space to other people to place their ads on it running for a fixed time and you can set a good price according to traffic you have to your blog.

You can buy ad space from other blogger or sell your own to others, a few links that can help in this are below:

Passionfruit Ads



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