Bidvertiser Ad Network Review AdSense Competitor


BidVertiser is a pay per click ad network started in 2003 along with AdSense and still some advertisers and publishers use this ad network as an alternative to AdSense. It’s been really hard for new publishers to get accepted into AdSense program but they can give a try to BidVertiser, a great AdSense PPC alternative to earn from their websites and blogs.


BidVertiser is a cheap cost ad network for advertisers so that’s why they have ads for publishers having cheap click rates. AdSense is still the king over all ad networks we have today but for publishers, BidVertiser is a good ad network after they are being rejected by AdSense.

How Much BidVertiser Will Pay Per Click?

BidVertiser pays very less per click on ads, this is only because many advertisers use AdSense. Only advertisers looking for cheap traffic use BidVertiser to drive traffic because AdSense is very competitive nowadays and you need to bid high to get clicks.

The real cost-per-click of BidVertiser each advertiser is $0.01 above the next closest competitor advertiser who bids on BidVertiser. BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time, while maximizing the effectiveness of our advertisers’ ads.

Is BidVertiser Approval Difficult As AdSense?

No, your BidVertiser sign up application will be approved very easily and you can instantly start showing ads on your website.

Payment Methods

BidVertiser has very low minimum payout requirement which gives even new publishers chance to receive their earnings.

PayPal – $10
Payza – $10
Check – $100
Wire – $500

Sign up now make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Final Words: BidVertiser is a good ad network for starters after AdSense rejection. You can use their ads and see the results on your own! BidVertiser also popup and pop-under ads that could make your blog look like spammy so make sure to disable them and make your site clean for your visitors.


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