The Easy Way Blogger to WordPress Migration 2017


After you have achieved some success with blogging being on Blogger platform you will find yourself that now it is time to move to WordPress. Since Blogger and WordPress migration is not so difficult so you can complete the Blogger migration process within a couple of minutes.


Since you are moving to WordPress and you don’t need Blogger theme and widgets you have on Blogger so the only things we need is our contents, images, comments, and authors data.

While performing Blogger to WordPress migration you can migrate the following data from Blogger to WordPress:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Images
  • Users Info
  • Internal Links
The Blogger to WordPress migration is a total 3 steps process.
A. Backing up the Blogger contents to migrate to WordPress
B. Redirecting your Blogger posts URL to your new WordPress site.
C. Customizing your new WordPress blog and fixing any links and images not working.
A: Backup

To start migration go to your Blogger interface and make a backup, a backup of your blog will contain all the migration assets mentioned above.

1. Back up your Blogger contents and save it to your desktop.


2. Go to WordPress Dashboard and select tools, a list will appear with import option from where you want to import your contents so select Blogger and you will need a plugin. Once you clicked on Blogger a pop-up will appear so install the plugin and select your backup you downloaded from Blogger to your desktop in step one and your backup will be imported with all content you had on Blogger.




Once you select the XML file hit the upload button and your Blogger contents will be migrated to WordPress. The next step is to select your preferred theme for WordPress and customize the way you want it to look.

B. Redirecting Blogger Posts Links to WordPress

Since you have organic traffic to your Blogger blog and don’t want to lose the free traffic from google you can redirect links to your new WordPress site so anyone who will come from Google to your Blogger blog will be redirected to your new WordPress site.

1. The process is very simple by using the WordPress plugin called Blogger To WordPress you just need to install the plugin from WordPress Dashboard by going to Plugins section and then click add new type Blogger To WordPress from the list select and install this plugin and hit activate. Once you installed the plugin. Now get the code from this plugin and you need to add this code to blogger template and before you do so backup your entire Blogger by downloading it and once you do that click the Revert to Classic Template within Blogger template editor. The code you got from the plugin paste it here and click save. Now you can implement the redirection and good to go.

2. Also, you have a lot of RSS subscribers so it’s a good idea to redirect your RSS feed as well since you will be having a new RSS URL of WordPress just got to your Blogger Settings > Other and click and add in the site feed section and type your new WordPress feed URL.

backup-blogger post-feed-redirect

C: There may be still some errors like images not loading within posts in WordPress and featured post images. Just go through all your posts and check links and images if they are working in case any issue you can fix them manually.



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