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etoro social trading

After losing your capital trading Forex, you may be learning Forex professionally or just accept to give up. Forex is the riskiest investing service if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are still trying to learn Forex, it will take a lot of time to be a professional trader. Even some big traders suffer big losses in Forex trading. There are millions of traders out there who are well experienced and great traders with years trading experience then why not to use them like if you were them. You maybe be aware that today Forex trading has become social trading. Let me explain in simple words you copy traders, whenever they open or close a trade, the same thing goes for you. Check out complete statistics of their trading style, profits and losses, all that for free. It sounds interesting, okay then how?

Trade Social


eToro is a social trading platform where investors around the world can copy top traders (Gurus) trades for self, just you need is to join eToro and deposit, not only that you can also be a guru if you have good trading history and start receiving commissions when others copy you. Look for the traders performing well and hit copy button, enter how much you want to invest and you are done no need to close or open any trades all that is automatic. You get what your guru is doing loss or profit for both.

eToro was designed for an easy investing opportunity because there are a lot of investors around the world looking for investing in Forex, but they don’t have enough Forex knowledge to trade Forex. eToro makes it easy and automatic to find great traders around the world for investors to copy them, the investor doesn’t need any Forex education because he/she is allocating money to a guru what amount he/she wants to invest and the rest is your guru’s job.

Trading Forex using the eToro platform is fun because every trader has a social profile and you can get updates what other traders are doing. You can follow them and later if you think they are doing well then copy them. You can also make posts and get comments just like FB. eToro is full of fun comparing to other MetaTrader platforms plus you can earn money as well when other copy your trades.

There are thousands experienced trader with great portfolios, just click find people and check them out if you wanted you can copy them.
If you wish you can copy me, or just follow me. Check out my profile @VladImpaler. Please check my status before copying. Copy at your own risk.

Note: Please make sure that this post is only for investors who are looking to invest in Forex. This is not an advice for starters who are looking for online money making, check out my other posts. Forex is a very risky field and makes sure that you will lose your entire equity very quick without any knowledge about Forex trading. Never invest money you can’t afford to lose trading Forex!

You can join eToro if you haven’t signed up yet by clicking here

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