Free Email Marketing Tools to Start Sending Emails


Being a blogger, affiliate marketer, or a small biz owner, you need to send emails or newsletters to keep your readers updated. There are free email marketing services to start sending free emails with their free monthly plan. Every service has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you are just starting email marketing so you are probably looking for a free email marketing provider to test its services then as your subscribers grow you will buy a paid plan or just continue with the free plan if you don’t need more subscribers. There are many email marketing services providing free email marketing services with limits of sending emails or subscribers amount you can have.

Free Email Marketing Services

Here is a list of free email marketing tools that will provide all templates and email automation tools that you can use to market your business.


MailerLite can be used to send beautiful emails to your subscribers. with their free 1000 subscribers, you can send unlimited emails to them. So you can test them and use it for free for your small business. You are still good if you have not more than 1000 subscribers but you can purchase one of their paid monthly plans that will remove the limits and will give you more subscribers as per your needs.

Up to 1000 free subscribers and unlimited emails to send a month.


Official Website MailerLite


MailChimp also offers a free plan to start free campaigns and send beautiful emails to your subscribers. Up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month pretty much enough for a small business email marketing. They also have paid plans if you ever wanted to purchase one.

2000 subscribers and up to 12000 emails a month.


Official Website MailChimp


SendInBlue provides up to 9000 free emails to send a month which is huge for any small business and also it gives you free access to email their library and templates to use. They have a limit of daily sending when on a free plan and also their logo will be visible on every email you send. All automation tools are provided by them. They will give you 9000 email sending limit and unlimited contacts.

9000 emails a month and unlimited contracts.


Official Website SendInBlue



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