Getting Started with Bing and Google Webmaster Tools Free Traffic


Submitting your blog to Bing and Google Webmaster Tools will increase your blog traffic. This will boost your blog traffic because now you are getting traffic from both Google and Bing search engines. Google is the best source for many bloggers getting organic traffic but it is more advisable to also add your blog to Bing search engine. It is also a widely used search engine on the web and you will get free traffic from Bing search just submitting your blog to its directory. A good thing about Bing is that it also shows you the keywords users typed in the search to reach your blog. You may be aware of this that Google only shows (not provided) as a keyword to protect users data which is a big problem nowadays for many blog owners not knowing what was typed in Google search.

bing and google webmaster tools

So now knowing this that both search engine can help in getting organic traffic then why not to submit your blog right now! and the good thing is, they are both free to use!

To submit your blog to Google and Bing, you will need to verify blog ownership which can be easily done following the instruction they provide during the process.

In order to get traffic from these two engines what we need to do is to follow 2 steps for both Google and Bing.

1. Submit Your Blog URL to Bing and Google

The first step is taken to submit your blog URL to these two engines which means your blog URL will be saved in their directory list. All search results that come in Google search from other blogs when you make a search are submitted by blog owners. So in order for your blog to appear in search results, you have to tell search engines that you have a blog and by submitting your blog URL to search engines, it goes to search engines directory list and it means you also want your blog to appear in search results. This is why you will need to submit your blog URL to Bing and Google.

2. Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Bing and Google

A sitemap is a collection of your blog URLs in an XML format that you can create. Bing will crawl all your blog URLs just submitting this file and your blog will be searchable on Bing search engine.

Submitting Blog to Bing Search Engine

1. Go to Bing and create an account with them, you will need to have a Microsoft account to sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools if already have one just sign into Bing or create one.

2. Go to Bing Submit URL and enter your blog URL.

Submitting Blog URL to Bing

3. You will need to verify the ownership of the blog and you can do this by following the options they give after you click on verify.

You will have 3 options to verify the blog ownership and it’s easy to be done!

4. After you verify your blog ownership, don’t forget to submit your blog sitemap to Bing. Just create a sitemap and submit it to Bing to index your blog URLs. You can see my blog sitemap created for blogger. You can also create one using Online Sitemap Generator Tool to create a sitemap that can be submitted to Bing or Google.

Adding Sitmap to Bing

Now you’re done from now on you will see traffic from Bing to your blog. Congratulations you’re on Bing now, people can reach you when they search for the keywords relating to your content. Good job and now you can also see reports what users typed in the search the keywords and clicks that you got to your blog from Bing search.

Below is a report of my blog that I recently submitted to Bing and I’m noticing a few impressions and keywords that were typed in the Bing search and my blog appeared in the search results so at least now I can have an idea how people are coming to my blog and the most important thing is the keywords that are showing in reports where Google will not show you the keywords, a recent change in Google search engine.

Bing Search Report
Bing Keywords Searched Report

Submitting Blog to Google Search Engine

1. Go to Gmail and create an account, you will need to have a Gmail account to sign in to Google Webmaster Tools if already have Gmail then just sign into Google Webmaster Tools no need to sign up. The process is same as Bing!

2. Go to Google Submit URL and enter your blog URL by clicking Add a Property.

Submitting Blog to Google

3. You will here also need to verify blog ownership by options of your choice Google gives to verify its pretty easy to be done! Just verify using a method easy for you.

4. Now it’s time to submit a sitemap of your blog to Googe Webmaster Tools being in Search Console Dashboard. Again to create a sitemap you can use Online Sitemap Generator Tool once, the sitemap is generated submit it to sitemaps section in Google Search Console.

Adding Sitemap to Google Search Console

As an example of my blog, I have added 3 sitemaps. You can add later or add them now, this is because if you have more than 500 pages then the other sitemaps will help. You can create more sitemaps to index more than 500 pages as you can see my second and third sitemap below. Each can index a maximum number of pages so if you don’t’ want to worry about this when you add more pages to your blog then just submit all 3 below sitemaps.



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