Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords How to Find Keywords

not provided keywords

Google Analytics is hiding a lot of keyword data showing you (not provided) instead of keyword data. Anyone who has got a blog would be very serious to know where the traffic is coming from. You can use Google Analytics to track visitors, but Google Analytics is no longer showing the actual keywords visitors typed in the Google search to get to your blog. Google Analytics will show you (not provided) counted as a keyword so now how can you track keywords that were typed in the search? But don’t worry now you can find the keywords within your Google Analytics just linking your Google Webmaster Tools account with your Google Analytics account.

1. First you need to have your blog added to Google Webmaster Tools. You can do this visiting Google Webmaster Tools.


Google Webmaster Tools are totally free to use and if you haven’t added your blog just log in with you Gmail to Google Webmaster Tools and add your blog by hitting Add a Property.

If you have already added your blog just log in to your Google Webmasters Tools and click on your blog name.

2. After selecting your blog being in Google Search Console click on the gear at the top left side and choose Google Analytics Property.



3. After that, you can select Analytics Web Property you want to link with. You can see how linked property will look like.



4. Now you are done. You can see your searched terms in Google Analytics clicking Acquisition then choosing Search Engine Optimization and click on Queries.




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