How Propeller Ads Best CPM Ad Network Pay Their Publishers?


Do you want to know that how much Propeller Ads pay per 1000 impressions? Or how much you can make from 1000 impressions using Propeller Ads?

You need to to know about Propeller Ads network payment models that they use to pay their publishers! In advertising world all company pay pulishers based on payment models and once you know how payment models works in advertising, you will know about the how much money a certain network can make you. Here we will have a look to the payment models of Propeller Ads.


Propeller Ads is one of the best CPM ad networks providing best fill rates, paying publishers for all traffic. Propeller Ads network is becoming popular each year and millions of ads are served each day. You will find blogs earning an unbelievable amount of money with Propeller Ads and it is going to be the best AdSense alternative in coming years.

You can monetize all your blog traffic because Propeller Ads is the best CPM ad network paying per 1000 impressions even if visitors don’t make a single click you will have profit. You may have tried other ad networks but when you are driving thousands of visitors to those ads you placed on your blog, your revenue will be still $0 this is only because most networks are CPC or CPA networks and it you will not generate any revenue until a visitor click or perform an action. Now that Propeller Ads is a CPM network so you will get paid for each 1000 impressions.

What makes Propeller Ads network even more popular is their interstitial ads (mobile full-screen ads) generating best revenue from mobile traffic. They have a great user engagement results than classic banner ads. Great ads for publishers to maximize their profits from mobile traffic.

propeller-ads-mobile-interstitial propeller-ads-mobile-interstitial-ads

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Here I will try to explain, how does Propeller Ads pay their publishers?

You just need to understand different payment models used by advertising networks and Propeller Ads use the following payment models!

Payment Models

In the world of advertising, you need to understand the different payment models for adverts used in adverting. Before joining any ad network, understand these below payment models that can help you know how much you can earn from any ad network. It will give an idea of how advertisers will pay you.

The Good thing about Propeller Ads is that they combine all payment models together and you get great revenue. Below are the payment models Propeller Ads use to pay their publishers. You can earn better than any other network working with Propeller Ads. Why not to give it a try, just join and start working with best AdSense alternative.

Join Propeller Ads

1. CPA (Cost per action): It means you get paid when an action is done by a visitor. It can be anything like sign up, download, register and etc. Example an advertiser wishes to give $2 when a download is completed by a visitor so when this happens you get $2 for the action being done. In this case, if any action doesn’t happen your traffic will not generate any revenue.

2. CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions, “mile”): You get paid for each 1000 impressions. This is the best part of Propeller Ads that most publishers are working with them. It is calculated using CPM rate that is set by the advertiser. Example when an advertiser sets CPM rate $1 for 1000 impressions and you provide 10000 impressions so you generate $10 for 10000 impressions.

3. eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille): In short eCPM tells you how much money your blog is making per 1000 Impressions.

4. CPC (Cost per Click): You get paid for a click that your visitor will make on your blog ads just like Google AdSense. An example can be like you get paid $0.25 cents for each click by your visitors. This rate is set by advertisers how much they are willing to pay per click.

So now understanding these payment models, Propeller Ads pay you for all above payment models and you don’t have to worry about your traffic. This is why Propeller Ads is now one of the top ad networks. Join this ad network and start making money from all of your blog traffic. You can visit this post for more ad details and payment methods available for publishers to withdraw earned money from Propeller Ads Media Best Ad Network 2016

Final Words: If you are serious about making money from ad network like AdSense but not able to have AdSense approved account then you must work with Propeller Ads. They have no minimum traffic requirements for publishers, any blog with any traffic will be accepted.


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