How to Get More Pinterest Traffic Using Viralwoot


Viralwoot is a free Pinterest pin scheduling and marketing tool that can be used to schedule pins or get more Pinterest followers and engagements. It will help you get more Pinterest referral traffic to your business and grow your Pinterest account. Even cool you just need to connect your Pinterest account and all things can be like repinning, following, liking, and stuff that you used to do from the Pinterest website.



Viralwoot is not only used for scheduling pins but it also offers promotion which makes this network even more popular and many businesses use it to promote their pins and get repins or get more followers.

The good think about Viralwoot is it has free membership account which still allow you to do much with Viralwoot unlike other Pinterest marketing tools that require upgrade but Viralwoot will still allow free members to do much of their Pinterest marketing being free members.

Viralwoot Credits and How to Use Them

You earn credits when you repin others pin or follow other pinners. These credits can be used for a promotion like getting your pins repins, get followers and promote your Pinterest profile. They also offer purchasing credits without earning them.

Viralwoot Pin Scheduling and How to Schedule Pins

Scheduling your own pins or others are very easy to do using Viralwoot scheduling system. Just put your pin link or search others pins and schedule them to repin using a custom time or automatic. You will have the options of setting up your pins scheduling.



Just copy and paste your pin link or search the pins you want to schedule and Viralwoot would take care of the rest.



So if you don’t have time to build followers and repin stuff on Pinterest then you should use the Viralwoot and it only takes a few minutes to automate the things and then see the magic. Pinterest is the top referral for any business so if you are serious about your business then you need to be on Pinterest and to be successful on Pinterest you need to join Viralwoot.


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