How to Link Your Blog with Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is one my favorite tool to know where my visitors are coming from. You can use this tool for free, but you need to add Google Analytics code to your Blogger template. it will not count your Blogger blog visitors until you add the Tracking ID or HTML Tracking Code. When you add your Blogger blog to Google Analytics you also need to add Tracking ID or HTML Tracking Code to the Blogger template in order for Google Analytics to count all your Blogger blog traffic. I will also discuss how to link your WordPress and Custom-Built Website with Google Analytics.

google analytics

Google Analytics for Blogger Blogs

If you’re Blogger user you can use Tracking ID or HTML Tracking Code to start tracking your blog. We will add both HTML Tracking Code and  in steps below:

1. Login to your Google Analytics (If you don’t have Google Analytics just sign in using your Gmail account or create Gmail account) and switch from home to the Admin section. You will find the Google Analytics Tracking Code under Tracking Info.

2. Find and copy the HTML Tracking Code (Website tracking) from Google Analytics Admin section. Go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code

3. Paste the above code into your Blogger template under anywhere below the <head> tag.

4. Now you can also add your Google Analytics Tracking ID that can be found from your Google Analytics Admin section starting with (UA and a bunch of code). Paste this Tracking ID by going to Blogger interface and find “Analytics Web Property ID” in the Settings section of Blogger interface clicking Other. Go to Settings > Other
Finding Blogger Settings

At the very bottom, you will find “Analytics Web Property ID” and paste your Analytics ID there, click save.

Analytics Web Property ID Pasting PlaceGoogle Analytics for WordsPress Blogs

If you’re a hosted WordPress user then you can’t add Google Analytics because WordPress has its own built-in Analytics tool.

If you’re a self-hosted WordPress user then you can use this plugin and enter just your Tracking ID from Google Analytics and you’re ready to go.

Google Anlytics for Custom-Built Websites

Copy the Website Tracking Code, not the Tracking ID and paste it anywhere in your site’s HTML between the <head> and </head> tags. Make sure you add it to every single page to track all pages traffic.


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