How to Sell T-shirt Designs with Teespring


Teespring is a t-shirt on demand print company and a marketplace for designers to sell their created art printed on t-shirts and many other items to make money running successful Teespring campaigns. Once a running campaign is ended Teespring will start printing and shipping to buyers worldwide. And profits depends on the number of tees you were able to sell during the campaign days.


Why Teespring?

Teespring provides a fun way for creative people to design anything and make money from t-shirt designs people would love to buy. It’s fun, free, and a creative to designs things that you would be proud to sell and make money.

What Is A Teespring Campaign?

A Teespring campaign is promoting your created design and make a few sells in order for Teespring to print your design. You can share your campaign via social media, blogs, paid ads and fan pages. So once your tee is purchased it will be printed and shipped to people who buys your tee during the campaign running time. Mostly Teespring campaigns are done using Facebook ads and this is the recommended way to be successful and make more sells.


Finding The Right Trending Design Ideas

You will need to search and find trending t-shirts design ideas in the market that people are interested in buying. Think and find the right trends and design something similar to that people would buy. Here in Teespring, the idea is not to sell t-shirts but the idea is design the best art and fun art that people will love to buy. Teespring is a fun way to design great ideas and make money.

How to Get Started with Teespring?

1. Sign up with Teespring and complete your profile. Click on Create & Sell, an editor will open. There you can design anything using Teespring tools provide or upload your own design that you created using your own designing editor.

2. Once you created a design, go to the next steps and select the pricing and your profit per t-shirt. The most important setting of setting up a Teespring campaign is a number of days that your campaign will be running before it is printed and shipped. At least 1-3 orders are required in order for your t-shirt campaign to be printed and shipped. So make sure to advertise to the fullest and make as many sells as you can so the campaign will be printed and shipped to the buyers at the same time. You will get your profit per sold t-shirt you set while creating Teespring campaign..

3. In the last step click launch button and your campaign will be live and purchasable to anyone who will have your campaign link.

4. Once you got your campaign link, now it’s time to start promoting your campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. If you have fan pages share your link with a description about the t-shirt for the people to buy. The best and most profitable way is to start promoting your campaign using Facebook ads and target the people you think will be interested in purchasing your t-shirt.



Fiverr is a great place where you can get professional trending t-shirt designers for $5 and you will get a great design without spending time and energy to design yourself.

Fiverr website:

Sites for Getting Design Ideas

Here are a few sites where you can get design ideas from artists around the world and top trending tees. Go to each site and have a look what other people are designing so you can get ideas and make your own designs.



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