Kick Off Other Devices Hacking Wi-Fi Network Using Your Android


Hacking is bad and this article is educational and not to be used in any way of misusing the hack. The apps I am going to show you how to use and hack a Wi-Fi network should be used as educational tools only.

If you are using public Wi-Fi networks or personal home Wi-Fi networks sometimes you will find out very slow bandwidth and here I will show you how to kick those people off from the same Wi-Fi network who are wasting your time without knowing them.

I once again request don’t be very evil with your power so use it the right way. Using this hack you can have the full bandwidth to only your android device by kicking off other devices from the same Wi-Fi network.

You will have the power of shutting down any device from the same Wi-Fi network who is abusing Wi-Fi network by using too much bandwidth like watching useless videos and other stuff or whenever you need the full speed from the Wi-Fi network.

My experiment with this hack was incredible I just did a few attacks on a few Wi-Fi networks like in university, hostel, and public Wi-Fi networks and believe me I was able to see the name of a person’s device, IP address, and mac address and even more cool what site they were accessing. And it only takes to hit the kill button so your victim device will be kicked off from the same Wi-Fi network while their status will be connected but all packets going to their devices will be dropped and you will enjoy the full bandwidth of any Wi-Fi network once connected.

What We Need to Perform This Hack?

1. A rooted android device (don’t worry it’s easy to make your android device rooted)
2. WiFiKill app.

Make your android device rooted. Don’t know what is a rooted device? In simple words making your android device rooted will give you the super power and will remove any limitations set by hardware manufacturers. Once your device is rooted you will be superuser of your device, you can use it the way you want it.

1. To make your device rooted just download KingRoot APK for android.


3.After you installed KingRoot, open the app and hit root button so your device will be rooted in minutes.

4. WiFiKill is not available on Play Store. It was removed due to being too evil for public Wi-Fi networks and you can get it from XDA-Developers but to use it you need to pay some donations before you can use it. The free version only works for 5 minutes and having ads. But the good news is I have its paid version so you can download it for free WiFiKill APK for android.

5. Download and install WiFiKill app on your rooted android and hit the run button. It will take a while and will scan all connected devices.

6. Once the scan is finished select the target device and click grab button, once you grabbed the device then click kill button. Now your target device is kicked off from the same Wi-Fi networks or you can select grab all devices and kill them all at once so you can enjoy the full bandwidth.


Note: As long as you are connected to the Wi-Fi network and WiFiKill app is running the targeted devices will not be able to use the bandwidth anymore but for them, the network will show that they are connected.


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