Must Have Social Media Networks for Your Blog

social networks

If you are a blogger or owner of any type online business almost the very first thing to consider is how to drive traffic and make more sells. Google can do that what you think is impossible, but there are already thousands of competitors in this business having the top position in Google search. To make your business appearance in Google search you need a lot of hard work to do. Google can give you millions of organic traffic, but before you can reach that level you have to be Google friendly proof that your contents are useful for the readers and people can benefit from it. We are not talking here about how to make your blog appear in Google search, but with the help of social networks you can get traffic. They maybe only social networks for you, but knowing the right use you can turn them to boost your business sells and drive traffic. Actually social networks can also make your business appearance and trust to Google.

social networks

Social Networks to Use for Driving Traffic

Social networks use is the easiest way of driving traffic to your blog. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are the ones you can’t ignore to use them. There are also a few more, but above social networks are a must for any blog. Sharing on social networks means signals to Google that your contents are useful for the readers to give you top rank.

How Can I Get Traffic from Social Networks

Actually you can’t expect traffic right after using social networks it needs patience and active posting great content that can attract people. Get more likes and followers in order to get more traffic. Below are important social networks that can be used to get even more traffic.


Who don’t use Facebook? Facebook is now a part of almost every single person. People use Facebook to get updates. By creating simple a Facebook page and getting likes, you will boost traffic to your blog. I have seen many bloggers and business owners after creating a Facebook page and running for a few months later they quit posting to it. From my point of view, this is a very important factor which they have missed. In addition having social networks and being active not that much, but a few posts a week is like getting trust and this will attract more viewers towards your blog. For giving you an idea, you will find many bloggers Facebook pages having millions likes what do you think a post link from their blogs sharing on their Facebook pages will bring a lot of traffic for free. You need to work hard on your social networks and make trust. Only posting links and not something interesting will not bring you followers and your page will look spam to the people. Build a brand and use the right visual contents in order for the people to believe you are real. Use your business logo and photos related to your blog contents.


Another social network is Twitter. Twitter can be the best tool to share updates with your followers. You build a profile and give a short description under your name describing what your business is about and a link to your blog or site. There are people who are looking for people from having same interest like most bloggers will follow blogger to get each other updates, graphic designers will follow graphic designers and this is how it comes handy they can click your blog link in the description you have provided under your profile text. People share you can call it tweets with a short text and a link to your content, you get free traffic.


Google plus is one of my favorite social networks. It makes your content Google search friendly and you can drive a lot of traffic from this network. The best part of Google plus is communities a place for thousands of people to share information and links. You simply join a community and place your links to your blog and see the results. There are a lot of communities join the one your blog is related to that community.



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