Paid and Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry. To be a successful affiliate marketer spend money to make money in affiliate marketing or there are also free traffic sources that will make you more money than paid traffic. Paid traffic sources with free traffic sources can boost your earnings, driving targeted traffic will guarantee a return and this needs much hard work and experience for starters to be successful.


There are two ways to make money from affiliate marketing. Using free traffic sources that will require hard work and paid traffic sources that will be quick and easy. We will discuss both free and paid traffic sources that you need to understand before you step into affiliate marketing.

Popular Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers

1. Blogging

Blogging is a very profitable free traffic source to your affiliate marketing links. You just put the links in your articles and content you provide so the conversation can happen really fast. Blogging can the best way of driving traffic to your niche related offers and it’s free. All you need to do is to grab a domain and start your blog and send traffic to your affiliate products.

2. Email Marketing

All you do is collect emails and build a list. Once you have the list, start sending emails to those people about the offer/product you are promoting and once you do that surely some conversions are going to happen. You can use the same list to market your future offers to them. Be careful not to spam, you should be honest to those people you are sending emails to.

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3. Forums

There are many forums out there with active people who needs your help. All you need to do is to help them by posting an answer to their questions. Create a profile having a signature linking back to your affiliate links so this way you can have some leads happen. People will click your signature when you are helpful to them.

4. Guest Blogging

If you are good in writing and have a topic to write about look around the web and find blogs accepting the guest post and publish your topic there so you can get a lot trust and traffic back to your blog or landing page.

5. Answering Sites

There are some sites where people are looking for help. You can help them and in return, you can post your links in order to drive traffic and this can be a good way because these sites have huge traffic and you will have huge free traffic.

6. Social Media

Social media is a great way to drive traffic. Simply having a fan page you can promote to them whatever you want.

7. YouTube

YouTube can be also a very good way to create a video and link your links in the annotation and description so viewers can easily come to your affiliate links.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is the king of all sources if used the right way. You simply start pinning your content and your followers will repin them so withing in a very short period of time you can see traffic flowing to your website.

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Popular Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the most famous and popular way to drive traffic to your affiliate links. The amazing thing is marketers send only targeted and keywords based traffic so the results are very fast but it also cost you money. Bid the right amount and on right keywords can give you some amazing results. Recommended PPC or CPC networks are Adwords, Facebook, Bing, 7Search, and Yahoo.

2. Buying Ad Spaces

There are a lot of popular sites out there selling their ad spaces and you can list your banner paying them some money. You can buy ad space direct by contacting the site owner or easy ad space buying sites like BuySellAds, SiteScout, BuyAds, and Passionfruit Ads. Make sure you advertise on sites related to your product niche.

Affiliate marketing is all about having a good strategy and in what you are good. Don’t try to spam your affiliate links provide a reason and find targeted visitors that converts.

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