Sell Branded T-Shirts Using Printful


Selling branded t-shirts using Printful is the best way sell your t-shirt designs on Etsy, Big Cartel, WordPress store and on many other eCommerce marketplaces.

Etsy is great marketplace for handmade items selling and in recent years people started selling digital t-shirt designs, and some other items as downloadable digital files available to buyers with no physical deliveries helping designers to make more money from their designs. Etsy is great marketplace to find great t-shirt designs that buyers are looking to purchase because just like eBay orders are processed and shipped by sellers around the world and you can be one of them to sell your own t-shirt designs that will be printed and shipped by Printful under your brand name for you. Your profit is the price difference when you sell high then what you paid to Printful for printing and shipping.

If you are a great designer or artist, you can open a t-shirt business, and start selling your designs printed on t-shirts without even holding any physical inventory or printing.

What Is Printful?

Printful is an on demand t-shirt printing company that will drop-ship t-shirts to your buyers under your own brand name. This makes even more easy for anyone to start a t-shirt shop and sell t-shirts from anywhere to anyone as Printfull will fulfill your orders worldwide.

Printful can be linked with marketplaces like BigCommerce, Shopify, Storenvy, WooCommerce, Gumroad, Big Cartel, Tictail, and Ecwid. Using ShipStation you can also link to Amazon, Etsy, and Squarespace. All orders that is made from your Etsy shop will be automatically processed by Printful.

To make a profit Printful has its own retail prices for each item they can print so you need to sell high in your store and make the price difference as profit.

Printful official website: Product & Pricing

Etsy official website:

Opening a T-Shirt Shop on Etsy?

It’s good to have your own domain and store but as a starter you will need to market your store and do investments in order to find customers but Etsy is a marketplace of million people and free to open a shop. In fact you need to pay 0.20 cents for each listing in your shop for four months. Your t-shirts will be listed to million people on Etsy marketplace. Etsy offers sellers to promote their listings paying some cents per click so your listings can be seen at the top of other listings on Etsy.
Promoted listing on Etsy is a great way for starters to get more sells so give it a try and spend a few cents per click so you can see some nice profits.

Using Printful as Your T-shirt Supplier with Etsy

Once your store is built on Etsy now you can use Printful as your t-shirt supplier to print and send t-shirt to your Etsy shop buyers under your name. The good news is you can integrate ShipStation with Etsy and Printful so any order made by buyers on your Etsy store, will be automatically sent to Printful for printing and shipping and don’t need to submit manually print orders to Prinful.

Printful official website:

T-shirt Selling on Etsy with Printful

1. Sign up with Etsy and Open a shop with a good brand name. List your your design t-shirt mock-ups showing your designs on t-shirts Printful Mockup Generator.

2. Sign up with Printful and upload all your designs you will be selling on Etsy shop for t-shirt printing.

3. Link the Printful with Etsy using ShipStation so any orders on Etsy will be automatically printed on Printful and shipped to your buyers on time.
Note: You can also manually submit orders to Prinful if you are not willing to use ShipStation.

Tips: Use Printful Mockup Generator to make eye catching designs display on realistic t-shirts in order for Etsy buyers to understand how your designs will look like.


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