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Sellfy is a digital product and downloads selling marketplace where you can sell any type of digital products for a price to buyers. It makes it easy for you to get started with your own front store and sell digital products online on Sellfy marketplace or on your own website placing Sellfy buy it buttons on the website and get paid easily via PayPal or Stripe.

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You can list your digital products on the Sellfy marketplace like ebooks, music, videos, fonts, software, and other awesome products that buyers will be looking for to buy. Sellfy is popular marketplace enough to get buyers and make sales easily. Sellify products can also be listed on your own website so you can start selling on your website without worrying about payments and handling files to buyers because everything is handled by Sellify.

Sellfy is a good markerplace that you can take advantage of to sell any digital file like ebooks, themes, fonts, graphics, music, courses, designs, and many other digital files.

Sellfy Features

1. Open a beautiful store front with full payment gateways.


2. Sell anywhere online on the web. Embed Sellfy buy now buttons, product widgets or your entire store to your website or blog.


3. See in-depth analytics of your products.


 4. Send targeted emails to buyers.


Sellfy Payments

You can link your PayPal to Sellfy to get paid for the products that you sell online or use Stripe if you don’t have PayPal. Once your product is sold you will directly be paid to your PayPal account or Stripe account. There is only 5% transaction fee if you are using their free starter plane. You can upgrade to other planes to get the full advantages of Sellfy.


Benefits of Using Sellfy

Sell to thousands of buyers who are looking for digital products on Sellfy marketplace and get paid directly to your PayPal. Easy to sell any type of digital products on your own website to your site visitors. Just place the buy it buttons from Sellfy.

How to Sell on Sellfy Marketplace?

Prepare your digital products for uploading to Sellfy marketplace, can be anything that you will provide as downloads.
  • Design assets, courses, and videos
  • eBooks and pdf files
  • Video and films
  • Audio files, and music
  • Softwares
  • Any other digital product you have

Once you created a Sellfy account, you need linking a payment method to get paid for the products you sell. Upload your products, check analytics and have fun selling online hassle free and getting paid directly to you chosen payment method.

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