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Today’s world is the world of social media. They have become our new best friends, topping every “most-downloaded app” list. We spend hours on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, happy that they’re always there when we need entertainment.  Friendship goals? I have to ruin the perfect picture: they have their limits, too. Often we are not aware of them until we go really off limits and get warned or blocked. The sky might be the only limit, but here is the list of “do-not-go-there” restrictions on social media. So to be safe on social media there are some limitations you need to understand.



Instagram limitations

Have you ever wondered what are the limits on Instagram? Here is the answer: you can’t like more than 350 photos per hour. The number may seem insane, but trust me: if you have a free hour and you’re highly active – going through various tags – you can hit the limit. Consequences? You are blocked  from liking any photo for 24 hours. If it happens more than once or twice you’re likely to be permanently blocked.

Another thing: you can’t follow more than 7500 users. Rules are rules and if you hit the limit you will have to unfollow people to follow other users.  Each comment can have up to 5 mentions and 30 hashtags at most.

These rules were designed to stop spammers, but if you are too active  you can be seen as one of them. Caution is still in vogue if you want to keep your account safe.

Limitations on Twitter

Considering that a maximum number of direct messages sent per day is 1000, I wouldn’t call Twitter too strict. 2400 tweets and up to 1000 new followings per day are pretty impressive numbers. Note that after you’ve followed 5000 users further following process can be restricted, though.

Facebook Restrictions

Facebook does not really specify its limits aside from a few exceptions. If you organize a social event you can invite up to 500 people. Also, don’t forget you can’t like more than 5000 pages on Facebook, so if you hit “like” button very often –  be careful. Good news: you can manage as many Facebook pages as you want – no restrictions here!

Age: Social media limitations also include age restrictions. You should be at least 13 of age to join Facebook and Instagram. Twitter doesn’t ask about your age, but it also doesn’t approve accounts of users under 13 years old, what can be seen in its Privacy Policy.

As they say – the dose makes the poison. If you use social media in moderation they can certainly be BFFs for life. Remember: breaking rules might be fun… unlike getting a ban!


Article By Jessie T

Jessie T is a 20-year-old passionate reader and learner, a world lover, and an aspiring writer and polyglot. Either in love or aversion with the world, depending on the day.

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