Top Forex Traders Making Money Trading Forex

george soros trader

There are a lot of ways to make money but there are also ways to make money from the comfort of your home trading Forex. Forex Trading is a very risky field to succeed, but some experts selling and buying currencies with profits and becoming billionaires in the world. Currency changes for every second so it is very hard to guess what happens next. Traders face very thrill moments when they are investing a huge amount of money or less. More than making a profit there is a lot of chances to lose invested money. Experts watch every change of currency and stocks value and guess the future market value and invest it in the proper way. Sometimes their decision may go wrong but mostly they take profit from each investment.

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Below are the most successful people in Forex world making billions of dollars simply trading Forex.

1. George Soros (World’s Best Trader)

Best Forex Trader

George Soros is a most popular person in Forex Trading. People call him as king of Forex Trading making billions of dollars in a single trade. A lof of people became inspired by George Soros and making money using his methods of success.

2. Stanley Druckenmiller

Best Forex Trader

Stanley Druckenmiller is the world’s second top profit maker in Forex Trading, he also worked for George Soros.

3. Andy Krieger

Best Forex Trader

Andy Krieger is in the top third position in Forex Trading world. A best and different techniques in Forex field made billions of dollars. This man has also worked for George Soros in the past.

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