Why Do People Write Blogs Secrets Behind


Blogging is a way that some people do it for profit and some only for fun. It’s a personnel interest that you have and want to share it with the world, so the only way to get peopleinformed about learning new things people do a blog.


We have different types of blogs on the internet. Some blogs are about tech, healthcare, tips, fashion, and thousands other categories. You may have also seen blogs that most big companies use as an updating source to keep their customers informed about the company changes. If you Google anything you will get links to many different blogs relating to your search.

Everything that we learn online or make a Google search we find links pointing to different blogs, but have you ever noticed why do bloggers are doing this hard work. This is because they want to get popular and plus they make plenty amount of money from their blogs.

So if you are one of those people who have this idea on their minds, that you can earn too and for this purpose you blog then quit blogging. Why? Because you will be failed. Earning from your blog is not an easy work, you may have just started a blog and posting content to your blog for the purpose that it will generate income for you, what do you think will you be successful? Let me tell you why you can’t.


The most important at all is traffic. Do you have visitors? I am not talking about 100 visitors or 1000 visitors to your blog. You need thousands of unique visitors to achieve your goal of making money.
As a new blogger, it’s quite difficult to get visitors to your blog, so most bloggers at this point quite blogging. Yes, that’s right! Blogging isn’t that easy as we think. It requires quality content and art of SEO to make it appear on Google search to drive traffic.

How Unique Your Contents Are?

We all new bloggers post any topic that is already posted by others. When people do a Google search about this as these topics are already covered by other bloggers, so they will definitely visit other bloggers blogs then yours. Consider these things in mind and be a successful blogger, don’t think about making money from this when starting. Focus only on what the readers want out there and drive traffic. After that, your second goal will be achievable.

Behind Blogging

Nowadays it’s a big source of income if you have enough traffic to your blog. You can easily earn ranging from $100 – $30000 a month depending on your blog visitors. More visitors, more money. You may be thinking this, am I earning any money from this blog you are currently reading and the answer is no. Why? Because this is a new blog and it will take a lot of work before I reach that point. So don’t think about blogging when your mission is to make money because you are going to fail in this mission.

The bloggers you see around the web making a living from their blogs didn’t start blogging for making money instead they had the interest in what they wanted to share with the world. If you have the interest in anything that is useful for readers, go ahead and blog, but don’t think about making money.

Once you realized that I have an established blog then it is time to apply for AdSense or any other affiliate programs and start earning some pocket to living income from your blog.


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