Why I Am Thankful Being Bored?

why thankful boredom

In our daily life sometimes we get too bored and from being having a boring time, we think and try, why not to change it to somewhat like entertainment. Being bored have many advantages, really? Yes, it has.

First, think why we get bored? This is a sort of stupid question to ask our self, some people may say, it’s natural, it happens then they are totally right!


Personally, I currently writing this post, can tell you being bored has many benefits on your health and success. How can I surely say this? Well, I am not sure what other people is saying about this, but being bored in my daily life has made me be creative. It gives me an opportunity to think about my achievements, future, plans and dreams through thinking this I develop my talents, motivate myself how to make my dreams come true.

In some cases, it can cause for other people depression, frustration, and even suicide. I don’t think they are smart people, only there are some people who like boredom.

I am running this blog because I have some plans and dreams and I am trying to make them come true one day. If I was not bored in my previous days this idea of blogging wouldn’t come to my mind instead of being bored, I try to do what makes me entertain. Boredom has motivated me towards more meaningful and challenging activities.

If you are thinking your activities are meaningless then accept this that boredom can give you the motivation of making your activities meaningful. Boredom is a required thing for creativity.

So think about it, knowing and acceptance of boredom as a good thing for you self can completely change your life. Don’t think how to not get bored, instead think what’s wrong that we are getting bored and work hard on it. Being bored means you need to do something more special which can bring you joy.

Please be aware the idea behind this post is not to try to be bored all time considering this that it is helpful, it also has some disadvantages, but the truth is we can benefit from being bored and it can take us to think about better ways to make our life meaningful.



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