Why MaxBounty Is The Number One CPA Network?


MaxBounty is the number one CPA network in affiliate marketing world. When it comes to making some commissions from your blog traffic and earn some decent money then MaxBounty is the best option for your blog that you can’t ignore. There are also ad networks out there to make some money but CPA networks will be totally a new experience for you, where you get paid for your visitor’s actions. Actions include a simple email submit to purchasing and you get paid a commission for that action done by your blog visitors.


How Much You Can Make from MaxBounty

It is important to promote niche related offers in order to convert. It all depends on the traffic and your blog Bounce Rate. To give you a clear idea lets say you are promoting an offer from MaxBounty and the offer pays $3 per single email submit and having 10,000 daily visitors to your blog so you can expect at least 10 leads so when 10 visitors submit emails so you get paid $30 for one single day promoting one offer.

MaxBounty vs Other CPA Networks

MaxBounty offers the best offers out there but the weak point of MaxBounty is that they don’t have as many offers as other CPA networks have but MaxBounty still have great offers and you can find many niches related offers.

What Makes MaxBounty Number One?

There are many other CPA networks but MaxBounty will assign a personal manager to help you in running the right campaigns and will suggest you the best offers to promote. You can talk to them anytime. There are a lot of marketers who recommends MaxBounty because they always have different offers for any marketer to promote.


So for blogs or sites, MaxBounty is a best CPA network to make money from affiliate sales and leads.

MaxBounty How to Get Approved

MaxBounty approval is not that difficult but you have to convince them for your account approval. To get approved for MaxBounty offers, after filling the form and sign up, a manager will be in contact with you asking how you will promote the offers. After you talk to your manager you will get an approved account and will be able to promote their offers. A phone call is a must step to receive in order to be approved so select the time of the day when you can receive the call and talk to your manager. Sign up for MaxBounty using this link for quick approval!


MaxBounty has many payment options including Payoneer, Check, and Wire Transfer. The minimum amount to withdraw is $100 so once you reached this minimum you can request the payment. Payments are sent to you each week.

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