Why Responsive Design Will Increase Blog Traffic


In the early days, we had only a few sizes of mobile screens and sites were accessed from these mobiles with a lot of compatibility issues. In non-responsive websites, text looks too small to read and difficulty in clicking links and navigation menus because of being too close together and small, so you have to use your desktop to make it readable. Now a day’s people use smartphones, tablets and other devices just like a desktop to surf the internet.


There are two completely different versions of a site or even more created by web developers, a mobile version, a desktop version and sometimes a tablet version. If your site is not responsive that enables websites to be mobile friendly by responding to the device the user is accessing from, you will miss a lot of traffic. Google has created a mobile algorithm to help rank websites within their mobile search results. Having a responsive design, you will increase your blog traffic by 2x because a responsive website will be readable on any device.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile friendly or not use Google Mobile-Friendly Test to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. The Google mobile algorithm update rewarded websites for being responsive and mobile friendly. So if your website is not mobile-friendly make it responsive to any device that will drive more traffic.

Today responsive web design is for all. You don’t need to worry about your site, it will fit any device, your website will itself respond to the size of the device like Apple Watch, Android, iPad , Tablets or even on a big TV screen.



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